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To compliment the hand was set and to perfectly prepare the body for the long day ahead, Truefitt & Hill has also created a bath and shower cream that further adds to the Apsley range offering.

Apsley Bath & Shower Cream is formulated using the finest botanical oils and rich, skin-nourishing, plant-based ingredients to cleanse, soothe and hydrate all skin types. This mild yet richly foaming formulation, that is infused with coconut oil derived ingredients, thoroughly cleanses and conditions the skin. Vegetable-based at the core, it locks in moisture, leaving skin feeling soft, supple and lightly scented. Fragranced with one of Truefitt & Hill's best selling scents, this product will add a touch of luxury to every bathroom. 

Directions: Simply lather between your hands and apply to a flannel or sponge or pour under warm running water for an indulgent and relaxing bathing experience. 

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