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Stenströms originated in Sweden and we have a longstanding tradition of owning and running a shirt factory. Founded in 1899 by August Stenström, it is still a family-owned company.

Their pursuit of perfection is relentless as they roam the planet in search of the best materials and the latest design influences – so they can keep developing the shirt and the experience of wearing it. 

Attention to the details is what determines the quality of a garment. Each Stenströms shirt consists of 23 components that are cut and assembled with precision. The process involves 60 distinct operations that are checked at five critical inspection stations. Thanks to skilled designers, cutters and tailors, we have refined this technique and perfected our shirts over the course of more than a century.

The collar and collar band undergo 25 separate operations to achieve a soft, comfortable fit. Pre-pressing and extra stitching prevent shape and finish from being altered by repeated laundering and ironing. At each stage of production, meticulous quality checks are performed, stitches measured and loose threads removed.Vented cuffs with buttons and a special edging for extra strength.The sleeves are sewn on with single-needle stitching whereby each seam has at least six stitches per cm – elegant and with excellent durability.Most buttons are hand-made from the highest quality of mother-of- pearl. For added strength, the buttons are sewn on in two distinct operations and have a wrapped neck.All buttonholes are sewn with 66 stitches. 82 cm of thread is used for each buttonhole.

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