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Lucchese Boot Company was established in San Antonio, Texas in 1883 by Sam Lucchese, Sr. (1868-1929), an Italian immigrant from Sicily, and his brothers. It was then known as Lucchese Bros. Their main customer was the United States Armystationed in Fort Sam Houston Sam Lucchese “stress[ed] quality, quantity and cost efficiency” in the boot-making process. He would often invest in new technology, machines and in developing new techniques in order to increase the production of boots.

In 1923, Sam Lucchese, Sr., fell ill, and his son Cosimo Lucchese took over. He incorporated the Lucchese Boot Company that same year, which had previously been known as Lucchese Bros.

In 1949, the company was commissioned to provide boots for an advertising campaign for Acme Boots In 1961, Sam Lucchese, Jr., took over, and by 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson admitted to wearing Lucchese boots.

Celebrities John Wayne, a customer for over 50 years, Bing Crosby, James Garner, Johnny Cash, and Zsa Zsa Gabor wore custom Lucchese boots.

In 1970, Lucchese was sold to Blue Bell Corporation, the parent company to Wrangler By 1987, the company had moved from San Antonio, Texas to El Paso, Texas, where it is still headquartered. By 1998, Blue Bell Corporation sold Lucchese to Arena Brands, a Western Apparel conglomerate that was formerly known as Hat Brands, Inc.


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