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The Sasnett pays tribute to Dr. Richard Sasnett who had a huge influence on the adolescence of our co-founder, Ben Ross. Dr. Sasnett introduced Ben to all that the outdoors had to offer and showed him the subtle nuances and details found in wildlife colors. He also introduced Ben to wildlife photography and videography and taught him to use recordings of a screech owls to draw the birds out of the trees so a picture could be captured. Dr. Sasnett was a mentor to Ben, and one that we raise a glass to for introducing Ben to the backbone of Brackish - the great outdoors. 

The Sasnett is made with guinea and pheasant feathers to create a structured and sophisticated bow tie. It embodies the perfect gateway Brackish design. This piece pairs perfectly with the Silverfish and Dewey Plum Thicket Pins.

Handmade in Charleston, SC.

Style Sasnett.

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