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With their exceptional marathon quality, these modern five-pocket pants are a novelty of lightness and delicacy. And as a flex variant, thanks to its stretch comfort, it is also incredibly comfortable, but it retains its shape thanks to the best return values. Decisive for this are the finest Supima cotton yarns, which are processed together with a highly elastic elastane fiber to form a noble satin. Because the Supima cotton used is special in its properties and is therefore one of the highest quality cotton varieties worldwide. The extra-fine and extra-long fibers, which are approx. 35% longer than conventional cotton with their staple length, ensure a softer feel, greater durability and stability. In addition, this Supima cotton fiber has a higher color and pilling resistance. All this contributes to an extremely comfortable fit with these pants. The high-quality, smooth marathon quality also shines in a smart color palette, but is quite masculine in the typical five-pocket style. This makes these modern men's trousers a real favorite.

Designer Notes

  • Soft, fine-thread cotton satin
  • High quality stretch cotton made from long-staple Pima Cotton
  • 97% Pima Cotton: particularly soft, robust and dimensionally stable
  • 3% Spandex: highly elastic fiber, provides more freedom of movement
  • Exclusive product development
  • Skin and wear-friendly properties
  • Particularly easy to care for and hard-wearing
  • Soft grip

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