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These trousers combine the comfort of cotton chinos with the elegant look of wool trousers. The outer material consists of pure organic cotton which is particularly long-lasting and excellent at keeping its shape thanks to its super-stretch properties. The rustic wool look in a herringbone pattern is combined with a modern, slim silhouette. The high-quality, colourful woven lining and the hidden zipped security pocket make these chinos an ideal companion in autumn and winter. Like all of our trousers, these have also been manufactured FAIRLY, responsibly and with climate neutrality in our own European production facilities.
  • Chinos with rounded side pockets
  • “Modern Fit” with slim silhouette
  • 38 cm ankle width for clothing size 50
  • Semi-sartorial design
  • Exclusive waistband design for optimal comfort
  • Shirt stopper in waistband
  • Waistband hook with securing button for maximum form stability
  • Best fit
  • More comfortable and secure fit, thanks to elasticated waistband
  • Zip safety due to fastener without sharp points – the safety pin on the slider prevents unintended opening
  • Rounded French side pockets with additional coin pocket in the right pocket pouch
  • Hidden zipped security pocket in the left pocket pouch
  • Buttoned, piped back pockets with crescent stitching
  • High-quality internal design with colourful woven pocket pouches

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