There are so many different collars to choose from! What's the difference?
There are three categories of collars: spread, button-down and hidden button
Spread Collar    Does not have a button to hold it to the shirt. They are generally more still to give the shirt the crispness associated with a traditional button-down collar.
Button-down Collar    Has a button on each peak, holding the collar to the shirt.
Hidden Button Collar    Similar to button-down collars, but the buttons are under the peaks, invisibly holding down the collar.
What belt size should I wear?
The rule for belt sizing is to choose a belt two sizes larger than your pants.
I have a question about sizing... What is the best way to contact you?
Our staff is trained to answer even your most difficult questions! The quickest way to contact us would be through our Live Chat feature, located on the bottom right corner of your screen. More questions? Contact us!
How do I tie a bow tie?
The simplest answer is, exactly the way you tie your shoe. For more detailed instructions, watch the video below:
How do I tie a tie?
There are so many different ways to tie a tie, but here is the simplest one: