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SORI is a knitwear brand that crafts simple yet elegant clothing for women. Through minimalist design that captures elegance and finesse, and using the Whole-garment technique to create seam free constructed apparel, we are able to bring together a collection of garments that improve mobility, comfort and style.

Cara and Rachel, a mother-daughter team, started SORI in 2016 after a bickering conversation about raiding each other's closet sparked an idea for a clothing brand. While mom wanted to look younger and daughter more sophisticated, SORI was created to bring the vibe of youthfulness and sophistication together. As well as bring mom and daughter together. " We wanted to find a way to balance our different styles into one harmonious look that suited each of us, and through this brand, we've captured a look of timelessness. SORI is for all mothers and daughters."

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