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Founded by two lawyers, the Res Ipsa name comes from the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur meaning, “the thing speaks for itself.” The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur was first applied in the English tort law case Byrne v Boadle (1863). In that case, the court ruled for the injured plaintiff when a barrel of flour fell from a second-story loft and hit him on his head. The court ruled negligence was res ipsa loquitur. Because the facts were so obvious, there was no need to provide further explanation—the thing spoke for itself. 

Our brand is travel. Inspired by our travels to the great cities of the world, Res Ipsa is the destination for premium handmade travel leisure goods. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best and most interesting materials for products that are durable, comfortable and effortlessly stylish. We infuse old world manufacturing with rich cultural heritage and contemporary design. Our line of shoes and bags are perfect for any season and make every voyage that much more enjoyable. Each is designed for the sophisticated traveler as a personal reflection of character and style. So whether you're far from home or heading back there, travel with us.


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