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Lola & Sophie was created by Gene Kagan, who was born in Russia, educated in Los Angeles and now considers himself a native New Yorker. Gene has been passionate about designing for women since he was 12, when he cut up his mother's curtains and made them into dresses inspired by fairy tales and evil queens. A lot has changed since then, but Gene still wants every woman who wears Lola & Sophie to look fabulous and to feel as if she suddenly exists in a world of wonder and magic. He spends countless hours on fit, so the customers can feel good as soon as they slip on their designs. He believes that comfort = confidence, and confidence = fashion! Lola & Sophie launched in 2008 and since then it has grown into a recognizable label with US and international distribution. Most of their products are produced in NYC, which allows a meticulous control over quality and the ability to quickly react to market and fashion trends.  


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