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"We founded Cleo&Coco because we felt that customer's shouldn't have to choose between their health and body odor. We want to change the nature of deodorants (pun intended) from a chemical ridden necessity to a more pleasurable experience where customers can feel confident that they are protected against odor all day. Cleo&Coco offers completely natural products that are 100% effective in luxurious packaging and scents. All our products contain activated charcoal and bentonite clay which act as natural magnet eliminating bacteria and odor and absorbing 1,000 times its weight in wetness.

Suzannah Raff wasn't happy with the idea of having to choose between going non-toxic or living with body odor. Not finding a natural deodorant alternative that worked for her, she returned to her love of essential oils and research, creating the combination of natural, non-toxic, healing ingredients like coconut derived activated charcoal, bentonite clay and essential oils that lead to the creation of Cleo&Coco, named for her commitment to CLean ingredients with COCOnut essence."

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